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Bamboo Magnifying Glass and Nature Scavenger Hunt
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As parents, we want to provide our children with only the best. The market of children’s products can be overwhelming these days, and it can be a struggle to provide them with products that kids love that are also beneficial to their development. Here at Lionheart Kids Co., we aim to provide both - toys that are fun (and that kids actually want to play with) and toys that can help them learn, too!

Children learn through play and the world around them. Our shop offers a wide variety of high-quality, unique toys and learning resources that can be used in a number of ways. Whether you’re a lover of simple, opened-ended, natural wood toys or bright and colourful toys - we carry something for everyone. We also carrying learning resources for children of all ages. Whatever you choose, rest assured knowing that your little ones are Learning with Lionheart.

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  • Heartflow Kids

    I am so thrilled to announce a new brand we will be carrying at Lionheart Kids Co. - Heartflow Kids!

    Their mission is inspiring;

    “At Heartflow we are on a mission to create products and experiences that help children and families to connect to their inner potential through mindfulness and play. Each of our products is thoughtfully designed to connect kids, through head and heart, to the magic of the world that surrounds them. Our goal: to help millions of children tap into their infinite potential.”

    I am also thrilled to be adding yet another woman-owned business to our shop. I know you will love these products!

  • Benefits of Stacking Toys

    Stacking toys promote exploration, problem solving, spatial intelligence and and hand-eye coordination.Stacking toys can also promote early numeracy skills such as size, height, shape order, comparison and cause and effect.

    We sell a variety of stacking toys, from colourful and fun to natural and simple.

    How do your little ones love to play with stacking toys?

  • Loved Again Product Highlight

    This large number tracing board is perfect for developing pre-writing skills! It is still in its original packaging too!

    Products like these have been previously loved, but are in near-perfect condition. They deserve to be Loved Again and kept out of the landfill.

    We are always updating our Loved Again collection, as we find new and exciting treasures to share with you.

    Make sure you check back regularly, and keep an eye out for Loved Again updates on our Instagram.

    I am just over the moon that you’re loving LOVED AGAIN!

  • Eco-Bricks by Once Kids

    Eco-bricks™ by Once Kids are beautifully crafted wooden blocks made from FSC certified sustainable wood. Once Kids sources the best products and pay a premium to ensure our Earth is protected. Their focus on sustainable products is a high priority. Eco-bricks™ are both biodegradable and a renewable resource. So, if you planted Ecobricks™ in the backyard, guess what would happen? Because all Once Kids products are sourced from natural resources, Eco-bricks™ will biodegrade and go back into the earth (all without harming our environment). This is important because everything has an impact on people and the planet. 

    The big question is are they compatible?
     Absolutely! They are 100% compatible with plastic blocks. Create a new masterpiece by interchanging your build sets into something new and fresh with Eco-bricks™, not to mention, you can add color too! Customize Eco-bricks™ with the provided colored pencils or use crayons, markers, paint...the possibilities are endless. Eco-bricks™ not only inspire creativity but it builds a belief in all that come into play with them!

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books to love.

There’s something so special about giving books to little ones. You’re inviting them into a world of imagination.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our first book collection at Lionheart Kids Co.

Beautifully illustrated and always inclusive, these books are perfect for any occasion.

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