Introducing: Loved Again

Introducing: Loved Again

I am thrilled to announce a new section to the website I am calling: Loved, Again. A collection of curated, gently used toys; getting a second chance at love. 

As a true lover of wooden toys, I want to share some unique, one of a kind toys and learning resources that have been previously loved by other little ones. 

Not only is this good for the environment; it allows people to add heirloom wooden toys to their collection at an affordable price point. It keeps beautiful toys out of the landfill and allows these pieces a chance to be loved again. 

I will be updating our Loved Again section of the website sporadically, as I find new treasures to share with you. Depending on my finds, it may only be a small, monthly upload. 

If you have any wooden toys you are looking to sell, please contact me at: I am always looking for new items to purchase and share with others. Provide photos, detail the condition the item is in, and let me know any fun or relevant details about the piece (Where is it from? How old is it? Is it handmade or a brand name? Do you know if the paint is non-toxic, made in Canada? Etc). We are looking for items that are in very good condition. 

Comment below to let me know what you think about Loved Again.