Our Brand Values

Our Brand Values

Small shop transparency is something that is extremely important to me as a consumer. I want to support companies that believe in what I believe in. That do good. That try to be better. As a small-business owner, I want to be as open with you as possible about our shop policies, where we source our products, and what is important to me and my company.

Today I wanted to discuss my brand values. Things that are the backbone of Lionheart Kids Company. With e-commerce, online shopping and social selling, I realize that there are more places than ever where you can spend your money. I am honoured that you are here, and are either a return customer or a customer interested in Lionheart Kids Co. I can’t promise to be perfect- but I can promise that I am always listening to my customers, learning, growing, and doing what I can to make Lionheart Kids Co. the very best it can be. After all, this business is my passion, and something I hope to be doing for years to come.  

1) Customer Experience is Everything

I have always prided myself on providing excellent customer service throughout various jobs in my professional career. When I started my business, I knew that exceptional customer service had to be a huge part of my brand. Professionalism, transparency, communication, connection and problem resolution are the keys to good customer service. I want you to love your experience at Lionheart Kids Co. before, during and after your purchase.

To provide good customer service, I always aim to ensure you are receiving a product you love. That might mean working closely with you to create a custom product just for you, recommending a product that is age-appropriate, advising on safety, or sourcing products that you are looking for. Quality control also goes hand-in-hand, which we will talk about later on in this post.

After nearly a year in business, I have loved connecting and building relationships with my customers and fellow small business owners. At the end of the day- I want you to see the person behind the company; I’m a mom and educator that is passionate about helping little ones learn. I’m always here if you want to chat or have any questions or issues. I promise that I’ll always be available to you and respond to you in a timely manner. I will work quickly to fulfill your order, so that your little ones are spending less time waiting and more time playing. Like everyone, I make mistakes. I promise to do whatever I can to fix those errors, should they arise, and work diligently to resolve any issues or problems. I will always be honest with you, and make your experience a priority. Overall, I hope the love that I have for this business shows and translates to a wonderful customer service experience.

2) Quality and Safety are a Priority

We are so grateful to everyone who chooses Lionheart Kids Co. products. Your children and their safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Things we do to ensure safety and quality:

-Each product on our website has a detailed product listing. These listings have information about product use, product care, age recommendations and safety/ product warnings. We want customers to know this information before purchasing their product, so they can make an informed decision about whether the product is appropriate for their child. 

-Products have warning labels on their individual packaging if there are age recommendations due to choking risk.

-Cards are sent with each order that have warning statements and instructions on how to best care for your wooden toys and learning resources. 

-Before each item is shipped, we carefully inspect it to make sure it is up to our high standards.

There have been times where there are issues with products. For example, recently I received a curated product from a supplier that had a small crack in the wood. Instead of just giving this to a customer, I asked the customer interested if they would still like the product, with a discount, due to the crack. I provided images so the customer could make an informed decision and know exactly what they are getting. I want you to know exactly what you are getting beforehand so there are no unexpected surprises. If i miss something (which can happen), please bring it to my attention immediately so I can remedy the issue. 

-Over time, I have also discontinued products that I have felt do not meet our rigorous standards.

Going forward, safety is at the forefront when I create or purchase, products for the shop.

We also have a section on our website where you can read about Product Disclaimers and Safety Statements. Please click the link below to read:  


3) Representation, Diversity and Inclusion Matter to Us:

We believe that all children deserve to be represented and see their likeliness in books, toys, and advertisements. In our products, we are mindful to ensure that children of all races, genders and abilities are represented and reflected. We are also cognizant of our language to ensure that Lionheart Kids Co. is a space that is safe and welcoming for everyone.

One of my goals of 2022 is to show more diversity on our Instagram page and website. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll probably see the same faces (my two kids and my niece and nephew). Thanks to COVID, I haven’t been able to show much diversity in my advertising and marketing, as we (like everyone else) have been distancing for the past year. Once restrictions are lifted, I am hoping to do a photoshoot with other kids- besides my own! In the meantime, I am so grateful to everyone who shares photos of our products in use! I love seeing all of the children who use and love our products. If you want to be featured on our Instagram page, please tag us or send us photos. We also rely on stock photos from curated brands, where available, during these COVID times. 

Accessibility is something I am also working on. I want to make sure I eliminate barriers for customers when they are shopping with us. Adding captions, make sure text is visible and clear, and using text descriptors is something I am working on. In 2022 I will be auditing my website to work on these accessibility features to increase your user experience and ensure that everyone knows they are welcome at Lionheart Kids Co.

4) Eco-Consciousness and Sustainability is our Focus

Another of our goals in 2022 is to switch to more environmentally friendly packaging. Currently we use reusable cotton bags to package our products as well as using recycled shipping packaging and materials. Any protective plastic and paper you see in your shipment has been recycled. We are also mindful about the amount of wrapping that goes into your product. We still want our packaging to be aesthetically appealing, so we used limited amounts of decorative packaging (like tissue paper). We use kraft wrapping items which can be recycled and limit the amount of paper items included in your package. This year, we will be switching our plastic tape to more environmentally friendly tape- once we have used up the rest of our materials we have on hand.

In terms of products, I love choosing curated brands that focus on sustainability and making a difference for the planet. Brands like Once Kids are wonderful at giving back. For my own products, I am always on the hunt for local makers to make us more products. It’s good for the economy and of course, products made closer to home are better for the environment.

Being eco-conscious can be expensive for new, small businesses. To me, it is well worth it, and switching all my packaging over will be something that takes place in 2022. Please bear with me while we make these changes.


Thank you for reading about our brand values. As I said, I am not perfect. My company is not perfect - but these values are at our core- and we are always working to improve. We greatly value our customers’ opinions - so if you have any feedback, please let us know what you would like to see from Lionheart Kids Co. Or what we can do to make your experience with us even better.

Thank you. I am so grateful for you.