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Mirus Toys

Bee Puzzle

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Let us explore the hive...

This beautiful doublesided puzzle by Mirus Toys let's the child explore the wonderful world of honey bees.

The puzzle has:

🐝 Honeycomb base with 19 cells

🐝 Each cell is engraved with useful information about the hive

🐝 4 cells are engraved with lifecycle stage

🐝 3 cells are engraved with 3 different types of honeybees - queen, drone and worker.

🐝 12 cells are engraved with different jobs worker bees do in and out of the hive

🐝 Back of the base features - anatomy of the bee, lifecycle, types and parasites

🐝 19 inserts matching the information in the cell (13 worker bees, 1 larva, 1 egg, 1 pupa, 1 adult bee, 1 queen & 1 drone) on one side

🐝 Other side of the insert is colored in shades of yellow


  • The base is hardwood Maple, the honeycombs are made from Birch
  • Images are CMYK ink
  • Board is sealed with lindeed oil

Made in United States

Comes with a drawstring storage bag for the honeycomb puzzle pieces. 

Learn with Lionheart: 

Puzzles are extremely beneficial as a learning tool for children. They can aid in the development of the following: 

  • Spatial awareness
  • Concentration  
  • Attention to detail and shape recognition 
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Fine motor skills (grab little yellow Pom poms and have your little bees transfer “pollen” using their fingers or tongs!)
  • If played with a partner- social skills, language, communication 
  • Sequencing (line up the different life stages) 
  • And all types of learning! Try learning about the jobs each type of bees do in and out of the hive!

Approximate Dimensions:

  • 8.5"x9"

Please Note:

  • This is a natural wood product. As wood is imperfect, please allow for knots and markings in the wood surface. Every piece of wood is unique! 


  • Suggested age of use 3+
  • We recommend adult supervision while children play with this product/ or any product with small pieces. 

Caring for your Lionheart Kids Co. Products:

Wooden toys need some love!

  • Please do not submerge them in water. If you need to clean them, wipe with a damp rag.
  • We do not recommend scrubbing painted or ink-transferred products.
  • Enjoy your toys outside, however do not leave them exposed to the elements.
  • Feel free to add extra sealer over time to condition the wood! You can purchase a commercial toy sealer or use a homemade beeswax sealer.