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Lionheart Kids Co.

MINI Rainbow Abacus

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An abacus is an ancient counting tool. They can help children develop fine-motor skills, sharpen concentration, elicit problem solving and of course, assist with counting and simple mathematics. Our rainbow abacuses not only are functional, but they also look beautiful in a nursery, playroom or big-kid bedroom.

Please note this model has a slight bend on the top wire, which is the reason for the price discount. 

Product Details: 

  • Each bead on our abacus is hand-painted and sealed for protection using non-toxic, water-based products.
  • 3 ring abacus beads are 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. 

  • The abacus base on the MINI abacus is approximately 5 inches smaller than our regular size abacus (11 inches vs. 16 inches). 
  • The wooden base is sealed with a natural wax and oil mixture. Edges are smooth and rounded; perfect for little fingers.

  • Custom options not available for mini abacuses at this time. These abacuses are made and ready for shipping or pick-up. 

  • BLUE abacus is discounted, as some of the beads on the smallest ring do not glide as smoothly. Item sold AS IS. 

Please Note: 

  • There may be variation in paint colour due to individual monitor settings. 

  • Our products are made to be durable, however, no product is indestructible.

  • They are tested to withstand regular play, however, we suggest carrying the abacus by the wooden base - and not the rings.

  • While our abacuses are painted and sealed with non-toxic products, it is NOT advised that a child put it in their mouths or use the beads for teething purposes.

  • As each product is handmade, no two products will be exactly the same... that makes them unique! Please allow for variation in the grain and colouring of each piece of wood.


  • If the product were to break, the beads are a choking hazard for children under 3*